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Gift for lijahlover...

Recipient: lijahlover
Title: A lesson in the fine art of romance
Pairing and/or additional characters: Viggo/Sean B., most of the cast of LotR
Rating: NC17
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: None of this is true.

Request: I love to see a romantic getaway in a cabin with a cozy fire and candle light for atmosphere. Ending with a proposal and hot sex throughout would be amazing. I won’t do a death fic, I need a happy ending.

Summary: Viggo thinks Sean’s romantic skills are kind of lacking. Sean challenges Vig to outdo him.

"Seriously, Sean?“ Viggo halted in the doorframe and arched one slightly mud covered eyebrow. "When you said ‘come over’ I actually thought –“

Sean, who’d walked into his flat in front of Viggo, turned around on his heels and shot the other man a confused look.

“What? What’s wrong?”

Viggo looked past Sean into the flat which kind of looked like someone had invited a horde of Orcs plus Dom to party there. Empty pizza boxes lay around on the floor, some piled into crooked stacks and adorned with empty cans of beer. Different parts of clothing lay around everywhere, and not all of them looked like they even belonged to Sean. And while some of the bits and pieces of left over food on dirty plates on the coffee table appeared like they were not very far from being alive, the two plants on the window sill looked very much dead.

“Vig?” Sean prompted again, oblivious to the utter mess that was his home. He stepped up and put a hand on Viggo’s arm, concern on his face.

“It’s just – ,” Viggo said, a little pained. “A romantic evening together? Uhm.”

Realisation dawned on Sean’s face and then he grinned broadly.

“Don’t worry. You go shower and I’ll clean up. It’ll be perfect.” He nuzzled Viggo’s cheek. “Trust me.”

Viggo closed his eyes and leaned into the touch briefly before he let Sean usher him into the bathroom.

When he returned he had scrubbed off Strider’s broodiness with Sean’s lemon scented shower gel. His hair was still a little damp when he walked back into the living room. Viggo had to give him credit for making the best of the last twenty minutes – most of the trash and clutter had been made invisible (probably better to not peek under the couch though), and Sean even had put up one single candle onto the uneven wooden surface.

“Didn’t I tell you this’d be super?” Sean boasted as he came back into the room, carrying boxes of Chinese take out.

“One single candle is your idea of romance?” Viggo replied, a smile on his face, and Sean rolled his eyes dramatically.

“We got food, we got light, we got a place to put our bums on,” Sean said, with the fitting gestures at the cartons, the candle and the couch. He slumped down on the upholstery and patted the place next to himself. “I think this is the ultimate of romantic wooing.”

Viggo sat down next to Sean and snatched a pair of chopsticks from his hands. “You have no idea of the true concept of romance,” he teased good naturedly.

“Oh yeah?” Sean arched his brows, challenge rather than offence gleaming in his eyes. “You think you can do better?”

Viggo just snorted, already digging into the Chop Suey, stomach rumbling. With the warmth of Sean’s thigh against his own, he looked at the other man, slurping a stray noodle into his mouth.

“’Course I can.”

“Great,” Sean said. “Next Friday, same time, your turn. I’m biting my fingernails. But the really important question –“

He inhaled more of his duck dish, so he had to repeat his words after swallowing.

“The really important question is whether you’ll still put out tonight?”

Sufficient to say that Viggo did. Twice.

But a challenge was a challenge.

Alright, so first thing Viggo had to do was decide on a location. He had given it some thought over the weekend but to be honest, when he stumbled into the make up trailer in the wee hours of Monday morning, he hadn’t gotten very far.

Which was in no way proving Sean right, he assured himself as he forced himself to relax in the chair and let his make up guy work his magic. He had ideas, plenty of them actually, but that was sort of the problem. Which of them was the best, the absolute ultimate romantic set up? He had to prove a point here.

A nice restaurant with exquisite food and quiet music in the background? No, Wellington was not too big a city and all the places he knew were filled with cast and crew over the weekend. And having Billy or Sala practically on your lap sort of ruined the romance.

Absentmindedly he wandered over to costumes and started putting on Aragorn’s layers.

He could cook for Sean. He did quite a decent fish and he figured he could come up with some nice decorating ideas even. But his kitchen was just being re-done, there was no way he could brew up something more complicated than hot water in the next few weeks.

The morning went by and Viggo was lucky that his character was supposed to be introverted at this point of the story because damn, he really couldn’t have pulled off ‘chipper’ right now. While Billy, Orli, Dom and Elijah were playing some game in between shots and Sean was deep in conversation with Astin, Viggo prodded Rivendell earth with his sword and brooded.

A picnic?– Too cold.

A posh hotel? – Oh, Viggo could practically hear Sean mockingly humming the ‘Pretty woman’ title melody to that.

“Hey Vig,” perfectly in character, Astin offered him a piece of his apple when he sat down next to him. Trust Samwise to come with the comfort food. “How was your weekend?”

“Nothing special,” Viggo answered, thankful for the distraction. “I spent it sleeping, doing some reading. How about yours?”

Sean’s face lit up and tiny dimples appeared on his cheeks.

“You know, it was fantastic. Thanks for asking. – Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, so Christine booked this cabin just outside town, near the lake, you know? And Fran and Peter offered to take the kids, so we –“ A blush spread over Sean’s face, saying rather a lot about the course the weekend had taken. Viggo felt quite a lot of compassion thinking about what poor straight laced Sean had to put up with from the other hobbits sometimes. But the other actor’s smile was firmly in place when he concluded, “So, anyway, we had such a wonderful time – it was so romantic.”

Huh, Viggo thought, and made Sean promise to get him the address from his wife once they were done shooting for the day.

On Tuesday morning, Viggo fixed up the cabin first thing and was in an exuberantly happy mood and random-hugged quite a lot of people just because of that. He guessed he was lucky that at this point none of the stunt guys were around because they usually answered a hug with a headbutt, and Aragorn with a black eye during Elrond’s council? Might have given Boromir a good reason to be so very skeptical towards him.

Speaking of Boromir – it always surprised Viggo, how Sean could switch his character on and off within the blink of an eye. So very different from him – and from John, he figured. But maybe it wasn’t really Gimli’s doing that John liked to spend most of his breaks teasing the elf, but John finding it just as entertaining as Sean. Not that Orlando didn’t give as good as he got, judging from the randomly drifting over ‘shortass’ and ‘Northern git’ from where Orlando, John and Sean stood and laughed.

Viggo made a quick dash into his trailer after they stopped filming for lunch and when he entered the catering tent, the hobbits were busy force feeding Hugo mashed potatoes. John patted the empty seat next to him, and gratefully Viggo slumped down there.

“Have a good meal,” he said, putting his tray down.

“You, too,” John boomed.

However Orlando, on the other side of the table, poked the food on his plate and murmured, “I’d kill my own father for a decent steak.”

“Such words from an elf?” Viggo attempted to look shocked. “How low a cultured race can sink.”

“The Woodland Realm might’ve been lovely and all,” Orlando agreed and skeptically put a piece of potato into his mouth. “But even Leggy would get fed up with it if there was no proper food.”

“I would agree,” John said, laughing, “if I didn’t know your eating habits. But yes, imagine we could have some of that lobster we had in the restaurant last week –“

“- or the filet –“ Orlando agreed, practically purring.

“ – or the boar.” John added. Viggo looked back and forth between the two of them and grinned at their blissed out expressions from the mere memory of that culinary delight.

“Maybe you should call them and ask whether they deliver,” Viggo suggested.

“Oh, they do,” John assured him. “They even prepare you complete meals to take home with you when you don’t want to cook yourself.”

“Or can’t,” Orlando added and laughed at Viggo’s arched eyebrow.

“They don’t have wine, though,” John added, glancing at Viggo while he continued to eat, “you need to buy that somewhere else. Would you like their telephone number?”

Vig thought of the pictures of the cabin he’d seen, of the lovely fireplace and the big bed – and the lack of a restaurant nearby. They couldn’t spend the evening with an empty stomach, could they?

“Actually,” Viggo replied and licked gravy off his fork, “I would.”

On Wednesday, Viggo drove his already beat up car against the outer wall of WETA workshop. Admittedly, this didn’t sound like a very sensible thing to do but it was either that or run over a stray dog in the parking lot. So Vig looked at his write off with a certain amount of satisfaction even when he stood next to it in the warm afternoon sun.

“I think it’s dead,” a high voice remarked and when Viggo turned around in shock, Liv waved at the car. “Your transport.”

“Yeah,” Viggo agreed and scratched his head. “I suppose it is.”

“And there I was thinking I shouldn’t be driving,” Liv teased and then put on a fake snobbish tone of voice. “I suppose I have to ask my chauffeur to take you with us later.”

Viggo grinned at her as they started to walk towards the back entrance of the workshop.

“Your chauffeur?”

“Well, Sean dropped me off.”

“God save us all.”

Liv giggled and lightly hit Viggo’s chest with the back of her hand. One of her rings got caught in the wool of Viggo’s red pullover and, now both of them laughing, it took them a bit to disentangle themselves.

“Don’t take this the wrong way,” Liv said when she’d finally freed herself. “But your dress up looks worse than your car.”

Viggo looked down at himself. Admittedly, the pullover was a bit scratchy and he guessed that the knitted blue pattern of leaves on it didn’t really match his well worn muddy jeans.

“We can’t all look like we’ve just fallen off a catwalk,” he gave back, and held the door open for Liv.

“No, we can’t,” Liv agreed and looked over her shoulder back at Viggo. “But maybe sometimes we should.”

Liv usually didn’t speak in riddles and it took one confused look from Viggo for her to pat his arm comfortingly and add, “How about this: After we’re finished here, I’ll take you shopping. I won’t walk into the changing cubicle when you’re in your underwear, promise. You do wear underwear, don’t you?”

Viggo actually had to give that a moment’s thought and they’d reached Richard Taylor’s office by the time he nodded. Liv beamed at him before she slipped into the room.

It wasn’t like he actually forgot to put on underwear, more that sometimes he had no idea where Sean had tossed it the evening before, and to be honest, sometimes the going commando thing was rather helpful for a quick but satisfying grope in the back alley behind the pub.

Viggo smiled when he remembered the last time that had happened, and absentmindedly picked up the sharpening stone he came for. Sex in a back alley was about as mature as it was romantic, but most definitely ended up with him and Sean satisfied and happy.

‘Romantic’ – now that triggered something in Viggo’s mind and his smile broadened when thinking about the cabin and the excellent food he’d pre-ordered, all outlaid on a perfectly set table. Sean’d be blown away by even having his chair pulled back for him by Viggo – in a red sweater and a ratty pair of jeans.

When Liv spotted Viggo waiting for her outside, Liv hooked her arm through his, declaring, “Now, I think we’ll start with some nice new pants.”

On Thursday, Viggo and Sean were almost late for work thanks to a badly timed (but very nice) shared shower. It turned out that only Viggo was almost late, however, because Boromir wasn’t required until noon – and Vig’s eyes enviously followed Sean as he threw his arms over Billy’s and Dom’s shoulders amiably before disappearing into the catering tent for precious coffee.

Maybe it was the lack of caffeine or the rush in the morning, but Viggo’s brain had a bit of a problem differentiating between himself and Aragorn today. So he was drifting in and out of character all morning, patiently repeating his lines over and over until Peter was satisfied, and in between takes in one second contemplating the fate of Middle Earth with the same intensity as San Lorenzo’s latest game a moment later.

Which was probably why he looked at Merry and Pippin with honest bafflement when they halted in front of him.

“We were wondering if you could help us with something,” Dom said with the dangerous lack of precision to his words which usually meant something stupid and possibly offending would follow. Billy nodded earnestly and looked down into the box he was carrying.

“See, we were practicing, for the sake of all hobbit women you see,” Dom said and pulled a candle as well as a squared foil package out of the box. He quickly tore the foil open and pulled out a bright red condom. He put it onto the tip of the candle and then asked in all seriousness, “Does the rim of this have to face outwards or inwards?”

He could’ve spoken Chinese for all Viggo understood.


Dom thrust his condom candle right under Viggo’s nose before rolling the rubber down.

“Is that about right?” Billy asked innocently and with the sweetest of smiles.

Viggo looked back and forth from Dom to Billy to the latex covered candle.


The two hobbits shared a look and sighed in unison before facing Viggo again. Billy stretched out his hands and placed the box into Vig’s lap. It was filled with at least two dozens of candles and at least as many condoms.

“Here. You probably need those more than we do anyway,” he said with a tone of voice usually used to talk to slightly slow children. This time it was Dom’s turn to nod. Then the two of them turned on their heels and left behind an utterly confused Viggo, holding a first aid kit for wooing.

On Friday, Sean had fighting practice at the same time as Elijah, and Elijah later came up to Viggo, volunteering to swap Frodo’s and Aragorn’s close ups, so Viggo could get off early. Sean shared a cuppa hot strong British tea with Ian, and just before Viggo left, Ian offered to lend him his brand new Land Rover, ‘just in case you have something special planned for the weekend’.

Viggo was barely able to bite back a smirk when, at seven sharp, he stood on Sean’s doorstep, the keys to Ian’s car as well as the cabin securely in the pocket of his new coat.

Sean opened and looked Viggo up and down with appreciation and ‘huh’ed in pleasant surprise when Viggo held out a single red rose.

“Where does that come from?” he asked and held the flower under his nose, humming in appreciation.

Viggo shook his head as he placed his hands on Sean’s hips.

“You interfering little shit,” he growled affectionately. “You’re actually surprised that I thought of something all by myself?”

Sean lowered the rose enough to look at Viggo with innocent eyes.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” he said, then pulled up his eyebrows as if just remembering something. “Say, isn’t tonight the night you wanted to show me how well you do romance?”

“I’ll show you something alright,” Viggo half growled, half laughed and leaned forward to capture Sean’s mouth in a searing kiss.

“Hmm,” Sean hummed and pressed his body against Viggo’s. “I think there’s a good chance you might get lucky tonight.”

Viggo snorted. “A can of beer and a slice of pizza is enough to get into your pants.”

Sean gaped at him in mock indignation while pulling his front door shut. “Minus points for total lack of sweet talk skills, my friend.”

Viggo managed to regain those points when he held open the car door for Sean. Sean kept shifting in his seat, practically climbing out the window in order to better see where they were going. It was (though Vig would never say that to Sean’s face) almost endearing and made Viggo feel accomplished and happy even before they’d reached the cabin.

They both got out of the car and while Viggo fetched the bags with food he’d picked up earlier, Sean strolled around and took in the view. The sun was just setting and spread a rich golden glow over the landscape in which the cabin stood.

Sean took a plastic bag from Viggo’s hand, so he could replace it with his own, their fingers entwined as they walked the short distance. “This is pretty nice,” Sean judged. “Definitely worth a blow job.”

Viggo cackled at Sean’s less than subtle system of measurement and pulled him in to kiss him on the doorstep.

“I’m glad you like it,” Vig said quietly against Sean’s lips and the plastic bag in the other man’s hands bumped against Viggo’s ass when Sean wrapped his arms around him.

“I’m glad that you like it,” Sean replied with that sort of gentle earnestness, bare all joking, that Viggo loved so much. Of course, being Sean, he managed that for about two seconds before he had to add with a grin, “you romantic sissy.”

Vig growled and bit Sean’s chin in mock punishment before he let go of him to open the cabin door. Sean pushed up next to him, his curious eyes taking everything in at once – the sparse but inviting furniture, the thick curtains in front of the windows, the fireplace and –

“Fuck,” Sean said with emphasis and beamed at Viggo. “If that’s a bearskin in front of the fireplace, we can skip dinner and you can shag me rotten right now.”

“Easy, easy,” Viggo replied, chuckling, and took all the bags to the small kitchen. “You might wanna re-think your reward system! There has to be something left for the food and the bedroom!”

Sean kneeled in front of the fireplace and was busy stacking up wood and accelerators, matches already waiting at his side. “Ah,” he said, somewhat distractedly, “I can always top that ‘n’ ask you to marry me or something.”

“Or something?” Viggo crouched down next to Sean, his knee bumping against the other man’s thigh as he lit some of the stubby candles from Billy’s box and stuck them onto the coffee table. Sean glanced into the box and Viggo saw him bite back a grin as he saw the assorted collection of condoms in it.

Then Sean shifted, tossing the lightened match almost carelessly into the fireplace, all his attention already focused on Viggo. His eyes gleamed with something more than the reflection of the instant fire as he pushed Viggo back onto the thick bearskin and his voice was a dark growl when he repeated, “Or something. Lemme show you.”

Viggo’s hand closed over the back of Sean’s neck to hold him close when he rolled both of them over so he came to lie between Sean’s parted legs. “No,” he said, “let me show you how this is done properly.”

Sean grinned and arched up against him, the hard line of his cock proof enough that he felt ready for anything Viggo wanted to dish out. Usually, passion overtook them, clothes flying in every direction as they tried to devour one another.

This time, they took their time undressing and Viggo took his time kissing Sean’s lips until he had licked the amusement from them and replaced it with quiet moans. He placed open mouthed kisses onto Sean’s neck, his collar bone, traced the lines of muscles in Sean’s arms with the tip of his tongue until he felt them quivering underneath his touch.

He licked down Sean’s chest, tongue swirling around Sean’s nipples as his fingers teasingly followed the lines of Sean’s ribs down to his sharply outlined hips. He placed his outstretched hand against Sean’s flat belly and looked up when Sean started pleading, his words as heated as his skin.

A sheen of sweat covered Sean’s body, the flickering flames of the fire made is skin glow and the small pool of precome on Sean’s stomach glistened silvery. Viggo lapped it up, sucked at the outer line of Sean’s cock and was answered with a dark groan and an only half aborted thrust of the other man’s hips.

“Viggo –“ so much need in Sean’s voice that Vig felt almost cruel for having made him wait for this long. Sean repeated his pleading when Viggo took him in, the darkness in his voice intensified not lessened. He pushed Sean’s thighs apart, his palms firm against the soft skin, and growled when Sean’s hips thrust upwards, almost choking him.

“Vig, I swear,” Sean rumbled and pushed himself up to his elbows, “if you’re not inside me within the next two minutes, I’m gonna flip you over and fuck you raw.”

Viggo let Sean’s cock slip from his mouth in order to grin up at him. “Is that supposed to be a threat or a promise?”

Sean groaned in frustration, then fixed Viggo with a dark gaze, pupils fully dilated. “Fuck me. Now.”

“Turn over then,” Viggo replied and Sean’s almost frantic eagerness to follow that instruction was almost amusing. Almost. But Sean’s blissed out groan, when his oversensitive skin came into contact with the rough bear skin, the sight of all this perfection, quivering muscle beneath smooth skin – Sean’s need was highly infectious and fever took hold over Viggo, made his entire being so very thirsty for Sean.

He sank into Sean without much preparation, the tightness, the burn just enough to keep them grounded. He rocked his hips in a few hard thrusts, a bit too early, a bit too forceful, and Sean keened but the quivering stopped, his body pliant under Viggo’s now, his skin soft under Viggo’s teeth.

They found a rhythm then, alternating between slow and hard, shallow and quick. They communicated with rumbling groans and short gasps, fingers entwining, lips searching and finding one another. Eyes open when they both came.

Later, they warmed up some of the delicacies Viggo had brought and fed them to each other in front of the fireplace.

“Christ, this is delicious,” Sean purred around a mouthful. “Pheasant this good? You’re so allowed to ride my cock for that.”

“Yay,” Viggo replied which caused Sean to half snort, half laugh.

“Seriously though,” Sean said and crawled over to Viggo to place a slightly greasy kiss onto his cheek. “This is lovely. Thank you.”

He returned to devouring food. Viggo knew that Sean would have been just as happy with a pizza on his couch, hell, most of the time that was exactly what Viggo wanted as well. He also knew to what lengths Sean had gone to make sure Viggo could set up this ridiculously romantic evening, and that Sean would refuse to take any credit for it.

He crawled over to Sean who had his long legs outstretched and his feet just within comfortable distance of the fire. Sean sat up when Viggo straddled his thighs, wrapped his arms around the other man’s waist.

“You’re very welcome,” Viggo murmured and Sean’s lips were smiling when he leaned in for another kiss.



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Dec. 21st, 2008 07:58 pm (UTC)
Wonderful! I like sneaky Sean.
Dec. 28th, 2008 12:46 am (UTC)
Thanks, dear. Glad you liked this!
Dec. 21st, 2008 08:34 pm (UTC)
Just charming! Lucky for Sean that Viggo picked up on all of the "hints". lol
Dec. 28th, 2008 12:47 am (UTC)
Ah, but Sean knows his Vig well, there was no way the hints coulda gone by Viggo ;)
Dec. 22nd, 2008 03:28 am (UTC)
Hehehehe! Delightful with Sean's *coughs* subtle maneuverings.
Dec. 28th, 2008 12:48 am (UTC)
Yeah, Sean is aaaall about the subtlety, isn't he? Glad you enjoyed this!
Dec. 22nd, 2008 05:32 am (UTC)
Hee! Clever, sneaky and sexy. Who could possible resist either of them?
Dec. 28th, 2008 12:49 am (UTC)
Who in their right mind would :)? Happy you enjoyed it!
Dec. 22nd, 2008 06:58 am (UTC)
I second what lulabel said Who could resist either of them.

I loved this so much it's just perfectly wonderful! *g* *Yay* It's just what I wanted.
Dec. 28th, 2008 12:50 am (UTC)
I'm really happy that you enjoyed your fic! *hugs*
Dec. 28th, 2008 04:05 am (UTC)
Thank you *hugs*
Dec. 22nd, 2008 11:54 am (UTC)
A lovely fic ! Coy Sean.
Dec. 28th, 2008 12:52 am (UTC)
I'm really happy that you enjoyed Bean in this. It means a lot to me!
Dec. 29th, 2008 04:57 am (UTC)
So, who is the more romantic of them?*GGG* They're so cute together, you just have to love them. thank you so much for sharing
Dec. 30th, 2008 11:45 am (UTC)
Hehe, that's a good question actually. Still, my money is on Viggo - even if he is a tad crap with the whole executing ;). Thanks for reading!
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